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Fun and Functional sparkling beverages made for your friends and family by a family

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Glish + delicious =

all natural
gluten free
low calorie
non GMO
chai spice ginger
Taste the

Be it chilling with your folks or for your me time during a lazy sun downer. Come find your Glish.

Listen to your fav tunes while having glish

If you’re looking for something a little chiller, but by no means lacking in style, check out these playlists, curated with emotion and fun for your perfect Glish Mood.

mango ginger
My go-to drink whenever I go to see friends. My only complaint is that I always have to buy extra because my friends keep on stealing mine, and asking why I didn’t bring more!

Jakes Samuel - Miami, Florida

I don’t think that I’ve ever experienced a more refreshing drink! I grab one whenever I’m just overheating, or tired, it never fails to leave me feeling completely lively!

Buraq Koywa - New York, NY